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The foundation was founded by Bobby Dekeyser in 2009 in Geneva. But the seed for the foundation had already been planted years before when Bobby participated in a youth soccer camp and met Pelé. When Bobby asked him how to achieve his goals, the football legend told him: “Always follow your dreams.”

“This statement made an impact on me,” Dekeyser says. Throughout his life, Dekeyser has never allowed himself to stray from his dreams—whether it was during his time as a professional soccer player for teams such as Bayern München or as a successful entrepreneur with DEDON and more. The words of this superstar also inspired him to pay forward positivity and encourage other people.

This was the impetus for the Dekeyser&Friends Foundation. The foundation supports existing social projects and new non-profit ideas with money, in-kind help, and knowledge. Through the foundation’s work over the years, we’ve developed an international network of partners, engaging like-minded volunteers and renowned personalities, such as the former soccer goalkeeper Jens Lehman, the world-famous ethologist Jane Goodall and Marcus Wasmeier, an Olympic gold medalist in skiing.

The foundation’s main focus is our Compostela Project in the Philippines. This village project on the island of Cebu helps people, who until recently were living on a dumpsite, build sustainable lives.

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Find out more about the foundation’s roots
in Bobby Dekeyser’s biography.

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News from Dominik Bloh

"I landed on the street at the age of sixteen. I rolled two suitcases out into a snowstorm. When I turned to take one last look at our apartment, I saw the tracks from the wheels and my footprints in the snow. It’s impossible to stay mobile with two suitcases. I spent the whole day making my way around the city. With all the back and forth, I left a lot of my things behind; most things get lost with time. Most things only endure as mental images.
I look through my window. The rain is drumming against the balcony railings. The boughs bend in the wind, streetlight blurs in the puddles. It’s warm where I’m sitting, the heating is on. The lamp is dimmed. Beside me, the candles flicker. I look out at the street and see myself standing down there, in the rain under the streetlight. Outside, looking in.
I see my reflection in the window, how I’m sitting here writing these lines. I used to sit in the harbor. I wrote until my hands were shaking with cold. In snow and rain, I wrote in the yellow glow of the streetlights. How many notes I’ve lost already. What remains are the words in my head. Now I’m writing them down again.
A warm place. Light, heat, electricity. A bathroom and a kitchen. Sleeping, eating, hygiene. A table at which I can write. I lack nothing. I don’t have much, but I have a home.
For many people, 20 square meters might sound small. For me, it’s impossible to fill this room. Everything I have, I’ve been carrying in my black Nike bag for a decade. I quickly learned that you have to make do with only the essentials. This is the prerequisite for survival.

Only the most important things found room in my bag. My clothes and books were in the main compartment. A toilet bag with toiletries. Paper and pen were a must and always had to be handy. And so I put them at the top of my clothes, wrapped in a sweater to protect them from damp. In the left side pocket were important documents and papers. I kept drinks and groceries in the other side pocket. In the small compartment were my personal items, such as photos and a bracelet. An entire life stored in a gym bag. Almost everything got lost on the street. Many things only remain as mental images.

Sleeping rough, you always have to keep an eye on things. Theft is an everyday occurrence. On the street, setting something aside isn’t an option. Even when I rested, I’d strap the bag to me so no one could snatch it away. Mostly, I’d rest my head on it, then I’d have something like a pillow, too.

Even in my apartment, I store most of my things in bags. I don’t have a closet. I’m so used to it being this way, I haven’t yet changed.
I still keep the streets in mind."

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