Compostela, Philippines

A Village of Hope, A New Life Beyond the Dump Site

An Opportunity for Change

Compostela offers a fresh start to people who want to make a change. Working towards leading an independent life, the families and individuals living in the village learn skills, such as farming and animal husbandry.

A Model Project

Sustainability is important to us on every level. Dekeyser & Friends is realizing this project with the support of strong partners, and the project can be used as a model for relief operations anywhere in the world.


Learning to Thrive

In Compostela the villagers learn to cultivate fruits and vegetables and to rear livestock. They live with their families in homes that are ideally suited to forest life. Our staff is on-hand with advice and guidance.


Fighting poverty through education and skills training

To help break the vicious circle of poverty, we focus on education. The children of Compostela attend a local public school. Our staff supports the children and helps their families understand the importance of knowledge in building a future. Additional workshops on health, hygiene, and social skills are offered in the village.

Social Entrepreneurship

Together with the women in Compostela who cannot leave their children in order to go to work, Dekeyser & Friends works on creating jobs that make use of their talents and that allow them to learn new skills, such as sewing, jewelry making, and entrepreneurship. Inspired by the women’s passion for crafts, we saw an opportunity to work with Nay Palad, a lifestyle brand run by one of our board members. A significant part of their collection is now “Handmade with Love in Compostela”.

Welcome to Compostela

From the dump site to a home of their own