Dekeyser & Friends Supports the PEACE x PEACE Festival 2016

Great music and great people coming together for a fantastic cause: On June 5th top musical acts including Seeed, Cro, Max Herre, Joy Denalane, and Beatsteaks rocked Berlin’s Waldbühne at the PEACE x PEACE Festival. The participating artists waived their fees for this benefit festival in support of child refugees—a worthy cause that we at Dekeyser & Friends also wanted to support by making sure that refugees and people who have daily first-hand experience working with them could take part in the festival.

Festival photos: Oliver Voetz

Official PEACE x PEACE Wristbands and Lanyards From Compostela

Wristbands and lanyards are cherished festival souvenirs, but often they’re mass-produced products. At the PEACE x PEACE Festival, however, these items were something special. We commissioned hand-made wristbands and lanyards from our Compostela Project in the Philippines. This is just one of the many activities that come under the umbrella of this project, which helps families who once lived on a nearby garbage dump start new lives in the village of Compostela.

The armbands and lanyards were given to the participating artists and were sold at the PEACE x PEACE merchandise booth on the day of the festival. They were a huge hit. All proceeds from the sale of these items were donated to the festival’s cause.

Our Picnic Social

On the day of the festival, we wanted to do more than support people who have first-hand experience of the refugee situation—those forced to flee war zones and those committed to helping refugees start new lives here. We wanted to get to know them, too.

We had these people in mind when we bought a block of tickets and sent out calls-to-action, hoping to find them and invite them to the festival. And find them we did. Before the concert, we hosted a big picnic for all our guests in the Olympic Park near the Waldbühne.

Bursts of rain on the day didn’t keep our guests from enjoying this get-together. Over 100 people joined us for the picnic. Among the picnickers were individuals who were forced to leave their homeland behind, employees at organizations that help sponsor refugees, educators who volunteer their time to teach integration courses, as well as a music teacher who spends his free time playing music together with young people from crisis zones.

Thank You, Volunteers!

From organizing the food and drink and setting up the picnic to playing soccer and being excellent company right through to the end of this wonderful day that culminated in inspiring performances by top musical acts, you helped make June 5, 2016 a day to remember.

We’d like to extend our thanks to you all. To the singer-songwriter Fetsum who took the initiative and brought together so many extraordinary artists. To the volunteers, friends, and family who helped us prepare and host a lovely picnic for our guests. And of course to everyone who was there and who made this experience unforgettable.

Thank you!