For three months, thirteen D&F Fellows from ten countries gathered in Schliersee—the hometown of double-gold Olympic alpine ski medalist Markus Wasmeier. Their Project Challenge was to restore The Betamhof, a seventeenth-century farmhouse that Wasmeier and his wife saved from decay. As part of the challenge, Fellows used original materials and traditional tools, and learned near-forgotten carpentry and handicraft techniques. A variety of interests brought the Fellows here, and together they learned about the limits of modern technology, historic restoration, museum management, and memory preservation—all while becoming increasingly enchanted by the beautiful Bavarian landscape. When restoration project was complete, they held a “Richtfest”, a local housewarming custom, and the farmhouse was made part of Wasmeier’s Farm and Winter Sports Museum. As the Friend of this project, Wasmeier supported the Fellows during their DreamLab sessions, and used his own experiences to inspire and engage the Fellows as they worked on their DreamPlans.